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About Us

We help take your business to the next level and to obtain your full potential

Star ICT Solutions (Star ICT) is an independent consultancy specialising in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) established in 2018 by its Director – Slava Grigoriev.

Slava Grigoriev – Director and Principal Consultant
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An IT professional with experience in all facets of developing and managing IT solutions. A self-motivated person with a track record of working well with people at all levels providing solutions that exceed customer expectations:

  • Business Enabler – proud in delivering highest standards of service for business;
  • Passionate Team Player – truly excited to be a part of a high performing organisation;
  • Loyal and Dedicated – passionate and committed to organisational values and objectives;
  • Accountable and Experienced – hardworking professional with personal accountability;
  • Creative and Innovative – continually question and challenge the way business do things.

Loyal and dedicated, passionate and committed to your values and objectives. Accountable and highly experienced, hardworking and professional, creative and innovative – Slava is continually developing his skill set, questioning and challenging the way your business operate.